Monday, August 14, 2017

Protect All Speech.

We must guard speech at all cost, especially speech with which we disagree. The thing that sets the United States apart from the rest of the world is the right, and safety, to speak freely. If that is taken away the country is headed down a dark path.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Truth Revealed: Illegal Aliens Voting

For decades there have been worried about people voting illegally. Some dismiss those votes as nothing of concern, but that might be because those people are voting the way they want. We should work to insure every vote cast is a legal one.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Dead Fail To Turn Out For Hillary

Dead people have traditionally turned out for democrats. Pew Research numbers might indicate this trend is reversing. Read the 2014 edition

Berkely Campus On lockdown

AntiFa protests at Berkley University became violent as they clashed with Trump supporters. Trump supporter was arrested for looking mean at snowflake protester. Berkley protester found in tears after breaking fingernail on protest sign. Police spokesperson: "Protest ended after parents arrived and sent protesters to their rooms without supper—Tears ensued."

More protests are expected after a bottle and diaper change.

In other news: Classes closed and students sent to counseling after conservative speaker discusses the Constitution. Berkley suspends future speakers who might say something the students don't like. A female student: "These people should be hung for thinking a country should have borders."

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gullible Walks Among Us

Throughout life we find ourselves choosing a side. Whether it is a political side, or which group to hang with in school—we must closely examine why we made those choices. Many of us reach a point in our life through trial and error, while some pick a path and maintain the course.

When someone points out flaws in your chosen path, people often defend their reasoning with false logic. People hate being wrong. Some innate power makes people fight for their chosen path, even when it only proves their gullibility. The greatest strength we can have is to admit when we were wrong.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Libertarian Vs Progressive World View

I've noticed that progressives try to prove they care more about minorities and other sub groups of the population. I have almost laughed at progressives going to extreme measures to prove they are more caring than anyone else. Libertarians, in general, tend to see people as equals. Everyone should be judged as an individual. No one is special because of their skin tone or heritage. Speaking a specific language doesn't make someone special. Language is simply a means of communication—that's why it's important to fluently speak the language in which commerce and government is transacted.

When we discover prejudices, they are rarely about flesh tone or heritage. Prejudices are often the result of individual actions. If occurring often enough, they can eventually transfer to an entire group. A person can walk around with a chip on their shoulder, but you can be sure that will only reinforce prejudices. Present yourself well and you will be accepted,  prejudices will often fall by the wayside.